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Our e-shop is a part of Izy shoes retail stores. Here you can buy your favorite shoes online!

 - (7/7 - 24/24) Avaialable 24h per day, No Weekends, No Holidays or days off... 

- Free delivery all over Greece 

All our staff at Izy shoes  are working for your complete satisfaction!

Our services offer security and therefore emphasizing the high quality at low prices. Having always in mind the fashion trends and comfort we are taking care for your distinct steps!

We will be gald to serve you!

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Nea Ionia- Athens 

Καταστημα Μαρουσι        Καταστημα Μαρουσι Εσωτερικα

IRAKLEIOY 296, 14231  ATHENS, Tel (+30) 211.800.2431 

  • Mo-We-Sa 9am - 4pm
  • Tue-Thu-Fri 9am - 9pm